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https://ecosoberhouse.com/ and other compounds from Radix puerariae affect CYP-450 isoenzymes; study results demonstrate contradictory effects . A kudzu ethanolic extract has been evaluated for antiproliferative activity against breast, ovarian, and cervical cancer cell lines, with some components demonstrating cytotoxic activity. So lowering the levels of that brain chemical dopamine should help control an alcoholic’s cravings.

  • From the small intestine, puerarin travels in the blood to the brain without being metabolized.
  • One possibility is through the different isoflavones, which are biologically active molecules that can affect physiology, contained within the kudzu extract.
  • Herbal products are also made from the root of another related Asian species of kudzu, called Pueraria thomsonii.
  • The nature of these spheres, possessing several layers, also allows both fat and water soluble nutrients to be combined in the same sphere.
  • Arno Kroner, DAOM, LAc, is a board-certified acupuncturist, herbalist, and integrative medicine doctor practicing in Santa Monica, California.

A 2017 research review found that acupuncture helped with alcohol cravings and withdrawal. Kudzu is hepatotoxic, meaning excessive amounts could harm your liver, so it’s important to stick to the recommended daily dosage . Puerarin, which is naturally found in kudzu, can also reduce inflammation and may even be able to fight against cardiovascular disease . Another molecule found naturally in kudzu is isoorientin, which also has anti-inflammatory properties . But if you’re not a gardener, the kudzu plant is actually one of the good guys. It could help curb alcoholism and may even fight inflammatory diseases. Virginia T. Latham, instructor in medicine, said she was “intrigued” by the report but was skeptical on whether kudzu could be used on humans.

Kudzu Root: Benefits, Uses, and Side Effects

Penetar DM, Teter CJ, Ma Z, Tracy M, Lee DY-W, Lukas SE. Pharmacokinetic profile of the isoflavone puerarin after acute and repeated administration of a novel kudzu extract to human volunteers. Penetar DM, MacLean RR, McNeil JF, Lukas SE. Kudzu extract treatment does not increase the intoxicating effects of acute alcohol in human volunteers. Like getting rid of kudzu, Diamond says you have to attack the roots. The key to beating alcohol dependence is to control the craving to drink. Drive through the countryside anywhere in the southern United States and you’re likely to see vines of kudzu smothering trees, shrubs, telephone poles, old cars, and anything else in their path. Americans consider it an invasive weed, but in Asia, where it originated, parts of the plant have been used for centuries to treat alcohol dependence.

  • For reducing alcohol intake, a single dose of 2 grams before drinking alcohol has been effective on participants without causing significant side effects.
  • Tangerine Peel delivers several novel flavonoids that all offer numerous health advantages including enhancing metabolism, promoting detoxification, and protecting cells from free radical damage.
  • Studies of daidzin may lead to an anti-drinking drug for alcohol treatment that causes fewer side effects.
  • Overall, my drinking during that month declined by around 30-40%.
  • However, the researchers did note that treatment with kudzu caused an increase in heart rate, skin temperature and blood ethanol levels in the participants.
  • For over 2,000 years, people have used kudzu root in traditional Chinese medicine for purposes like treating fevers, diarrhea, and even diabetes and heart disease .

This lack of kudzu extract for alcoholism flavor ingestion compromises not only overall health, but may allow for a greater risk of alcohol intake. The bitter compounds contained in Declinol can promote better health overall, while also helping to better ensure that the TAS2R receptors in the human gut are stimulated adequately.

Alcoholism and Substance Abuse

Another study found that kudzu may really “affect alcohol consumption patterns.” In this same study, people who took an isoflavone extract from the kudzu plant before drinking took longer to reach for the liquor cabinet. In fact, even a single dose of kudzu extract may be helpful if you’re looking to reduce your drinking. Kudzu root gets some serious rep’ for helping folks ease off of the booze. One small study looking at the effects of kudzu in a group of men that reported drinking between 22 and 35 drinks per week shows promising results. After consuming kudzu extract for 4 weeks, the participants reduced their number of weekly alcoholic beverages by at least a third.

If you use kudzu to treat alcoholism, prior to a drinking, take 1.5-3 grams of kudzu root extract three times daily. These heavy drinkers (who weren’t seeking treatment) also spent fewer days binge drinking and actually abstained from drinking alcohol for longer periods of time while supplementing with kudzu .

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This article examines the benefits, uses, and potential side effects of kudzu root. People have used kudzu root in Eastern medicine for many years. More recently, kudzu root has made its way to Western countries as an herbal supplement. Finally, the role of Disulfiram because of its inhibition of Dopamine –Beta –Hydroxylase thereby increasing brain dopamine has been also proposed for cocaine abuse or possibly other RS behaviors . Currently we do not have a reasonable explanation as to why the subjects on Declinol did not have benefits related to both their inability to handle set- backs and or sleep .


Ashwagandha is sometimes used for alcohol withdrawal and cravings. In studies with alcohol-addicted mice, ashwagandha seemed to relieve anxiety. More studies would be needed to see if it works the same way in humans. Weight gain is common during and after menopause, increasing a woman’s risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Cardiovascular effects

Furthermore, Duffy et al. reported using multiple regression analyses, greater bitterness from 3.2 mMPROP was a significant predictor of greater ethanol intensity and less alcohol intake. Interestingly, genotype was a significant predictor of alcohol intake, but not ethanol intensity. Vitacost is a discounted online retailer for natural supplements, vitamins, and extracts. They provide over 40,00 products under their own label that they create with the strictest of standards but done in ways to ensure the savings are passed on to the consumer. They have been in the business for over 25 years and kept a commitment to provide high-quality products that their customers can trust while also keeping things cost-effective. The serving suggestion is a scoop of powder which should roughly equate to 2500 mg of pure kudzu root extract. The powder is to be mix into water, juice, or smoothies for best results.

  • Certainly we caution any real interpretation which must await further study.
  • It also cut the number of heavy drinking days and increased the number of days they didn’t drink at all.
  • Because my drinking levels were so stupendously high in the first place, kudzu did not turn me into a moderate drinker by any stretch of the imagination.
  • Treatment of rats with saikosaponins 2 hours before treatment with D-galactosamine inhibited the increase in serum aspartate aminotransferase and alanine aminotransferase levels produced by damage of liver tissues .
  • Heyman GM, Keung WM, Vallee BL. Daidzin decreases ethanol consumption in rats.