To my not so dear Ingmar,

Once upon a time, I took a picture of my boobs. For your eyes only, was the deal. I was 15. And madly in love with you.

‘For your eyes only’ to you meant ‘sharing with the whole school’. I became the victim of what we call SEXTING today (which is, as you might know, a felony). Instead of backing off, you also decided to show this (Playboy worthy) picture to my new boyfriend. I went to see him that same night and he kept bombarding me with questions. If I was the girl in the picture, that spread both online and offline like a virus. I only make it worse by denying it was me. When he finally lost his temper, screaming that it was ‘YOUR GODDAMN PINK SHIRT’, I finally came clean. With explosive force, his fist left a permanent memory of our conversation on the wall. Two words were from now on off limit: webcam and my cleavage.

‘Francien, get your tits out!’ is about the only phrase I hear you and your friends yelling at me over the next couple of weeks. Just like everyone else. Guerrilla like poster of my cleavage kept popping up out of nowhere, both at and outside school. Thanks to you, MSN messenger, email and this glorious campaign of yours, I become famous. You taught my 15-year old self a very important lesson: sex sells.

It was only a matter of time before my mentor called me aside. He asked me if I knew about the posters, with the anonymous belly and boobs. And if I happened to know who the light pink pants and revealing pink shirt belonged to. I burst into tears, unable to speak. He offered to talk to my parents. I refused. He offered to hook me up with the counsellor. I refused. I went back to class, unable to speak or stop crying.

My boobs got triple A status within seconds you showed that picture to the world. And I must admit Ingmar, that was extremely difficult for me. I didn’t want to go to school but calling in sick wasn’t an option either. Also, my parents could never know. Ingmar, they are just finding out, right now, while reading this post. Mom, dad, I apologise. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I am truly sorry.

Today I’m putting into practice what you already saw in me back than: being an online legend. Previously as community manager for the biggest sports brand in the world, now as famous sports blogger. I didn’t get this triple A status because of my beautiful boobs but simply by telling my story. And guess what: i don’t need your unwanted services anymore. I do admit that I made a mistake, just like you. I forgive you but i won’t forget. But I must also thank you. Because thanks to you I’m not insecure or scared anymore to show of what I’ve got. I sincerely hope you learned your lesson well, just like me.



PH: Joyce Bongers

P.S. Ingmar go to hell.

P.P.S. Nieuwsuur made a short item about our little history. Curious? You can see it here.